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Samsung Launches 12-megapixel Pixon12 Cameraphone

Samsung has been the first manufacturer to release its 12-megapixel cameraphone; the Pixon 12 otherwise known as the M8910 will be available before competitors from LG and Sony Ericsson.

The Pixon 12 will come ahead of Sony Ericsson's Idou/Satio will come out later this year and LG has yet to confirm the release date of its 12-megapixel snapper.

The M8910 which will remain for some months now the only camera capable of squaring up with mid-range stand alone digital cameras, comes with a 28mm wide-angle lens. Punters will welcome the ability to record in 720x480 pixel resolution, HSPU and WiFi Connectivity.

There's also a 3.1-inch OLED touchscreen which promises better colour reproduction and a much better contrast ratio. Samsung has judiciously implemented a one touch camera button which brings up the camera feature within seconds.

The 12-megapixel camera is complemented by a powerful Xenon flash and an instant shoot technology which Samsung says will cut the time taken to save pictures. The M8910 also comes with support for 16GB microSD cards and 150MB internal memory.

Another feature that will come handy is the ability for the users to upload files to a number of social networking websites like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, MySpace, Photobucket and Friendster. Battery life is also expected to be better due to the AMOLED screen which consumes much less juice than previous generation displays.

The device should be available by the end of this month and reach other territories in October onwards.

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Our Comments

Samsung is ramping things up and with their forthcoming Android phone, could well take the technological lead away from Nokia and other competitors bar the iPhone. The phone itself is likely to be priced well beyond the reach of most customers looking for a new contract.

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