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Factory Automation Needs Super-Fast Man-Machine Communication

The world‘s biggest industrial tradeshow - the Hanover Messe – just showed that the importance of software and IT for the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly.

The topic “Factory Automation” covered 7 halls alone and another hall was dedicated to the “Digital Factory”.

Process control, monitoring and automation require powerful software solutions to support the unmatched requirements of today’s industry regarding reliability, performance and real-time computing.

But human beings are still the ultimate decision makers in unexpected situations – analogous to airplanes where pilots still rule.

You cannot get away from man machine interfaces and in the manufacturing environment this requires intuitive factory management consoles.

But it also involves smart and super-fast communication solutions in the factory, e.g. for submitting alerts and critical information to field personal.

Where the whole factory is real-time, man-made decisions need to be made quickly as well.

Software solutions like Derdack’s automated notification workflow software can provide the required speed as they deliver critical information based on presence of personnel, choose the proper communication channel and work with high-speed escalation chains in order to ensure the delivery of business-critical messages.