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Google To Partner With BBC Over International iPlayer?

Google is reportedly in discussions with the UK broadcasting giant BBC about launching an international iteration of the broadcaster's signature BBC iPlayer service, supported by Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube, according to reports from the British newspaper The Telegraph.

The newspaper is reporting that sources close to the BBC's director general Mark Thompson have informed about broadcaster's plans for an international version of its popular iPlayer service, which enables viewers stream BBC contents for up to a week after they were first broadcasted.

The UK users can already access BBC programmes on YouTube, but it's only in small clip format; however, the new project could pave way for users from any region in the world to watch full-length BBC content over the video sharing platform.

Furthermore, a BBC spokesperson talked about a number of obstacles in extending iPlayer service to other countries, including problems in getting international rights clearance. The difficulties, the spokesperson said, hold back the BBC from making firm plans for an international version of iPlayer service.

“Audiences can watch BBC content outside the UK through numerous BBC Worldwide content deals with online partners such as iTunes”, the spokesperson added.

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Our Comments

Google is already working in tandem with the BBC with their respective divisions - BBC Worldwide and Youtube - at the forefront. The next step would be for Google to provide with a global platform for BBC and, most significantly, show that Youtube and Google can show more than just cute cats and fat guys singing. Expect Google and BBC to work on many other similar projects, including, maybe a BBC version of Chrome and BBC moving over to Google Apps.

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