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Orange Launches 3-year £5 Per Month Mobile Contract

Orange has launched the cheapest ever mobile phone contract in the world at a mere £5 per month for credit crunched customers.

The offer, which binds the user for three whole years, includes a phone, the Nokia 2630, 50 minutes and 50 free texts per month. Orange has already said that it will provide a free handset upgrade after 18 months.

At 5p for either a text or one minute of anytime, any network minutes, the deal is a very good one, right now, even when you do not factor in the free phone.

The Nokia 2630 is a super slim mobile phone that comes with a VGA camera, a FM radio and the ability to share photos over Bluetooth, GPRS or email. At only 66g, it even comes with a handset and a 128x160 pixels TFT display.

In addition, for £10 per year, you will be able to get 100 minutes and 300 texts with a Nokia 3600 while custmers willing to shell £15 per month will get 200 minutes and unlimited texts with the rather old Nokia 6500.

Punters can already get onboard at for only £4.89 per month. Don't forget as well that you will be able to get Orange Wednesdays offer of 2 for 1 cinema and Pizza.

Orange has also released a number of 18-months SIM only contracts from £10 a month, some of which include unlimited texts and are eligible for Orange's magic number scheme.

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Note though that the tariff, which is called Orange 5, could be expensive if you send texts or make calls beyond your included quota. A standard text will cost you 15p per minute while one minute call will set you back a not-so-insignificant 25p. You can also choose to upgrade your phones to the Nokia 6500 Slide for £20 or the Nokia N85 for only £180.

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