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£335 Samsung LE32B450 Series 4 32" HD Ready LCD TV Freeview

The Samsung LE32b450 blends style, performance and value like few other 32" LCD TVs.

At the heart of this 2009 Samsung 32" LCD TV is Samsung's Wide Colour Enhancer 2 engine. This unique Samsung system offers far more natural and convincing colours by strengthening the red, green and blues. A high contrast ratio also gives the LE32b450 excellent depth of image with subtle shading.

Although we'd always recommend a separate home cinema system, the Samsung's built-in SRS Tru-Surround system gives a useful boost to audio performance. With indirect firing technology the, hidden, speakers create a spacious sound that's complemented by the SRS Tru-Surround system.

Twin rear-mounted HDMI (and one side-mounted) sockets allow for the connection of 3 High Definition sources, such as an HD-TV box, HD camcorder and Blu-ray. In addition to this, the LE32b450 boasts SCART and component connections for your analogue sources.

Furthermore, the PC input makes this attractive TV the perfect complement to your home computer - especially when used in conjunction with the Samsung's special Game Mode. Topping off the wide range of sockets are both analogue phono and digital optical sound outputs - ideal for connecting this Samsung 32" LCD TV to your hi-fi or home cinema for a useful upgrade in sound quality.

Completing this perfectly packaged TV is a sleek, gloss black surround with matching stand. For added convenience the stand swivels for the best viewing angle.

Good looks, excellent picture, and all the sockets you're likely to need: what's not to like about the Samsung LE32b450?

You can buy this Samsung LE32B450 (opens in new tab) for £335.00. You can also find similar deals from our online (opens in new tab) price comparator.

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