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Broadband As Essential As Water Says Britain

As many as three-quarters of Brits admitted that they couldn't live without broadband connection at their homes, and considered the significance of broadband at par with water or electricity supplies, a recent research revealed.

The study of 2,000 people across the UK, conducted by Communications Consumer Panel (CCP), revealed that an increasing number of people in the UK are finding broadband as a necessity for their lives.

The report will be utilised by the government to back its ambitious Digital Britain plan, which aims to roll out broadband connections with speeds of 2Mbps across the UK by 2012.

The survey further notified that the users feel they will be deprived if they don't have access to broadband, especially when it comes to using various online services, including online banking and shopping.

Chair of the CCP Anna Bradley commented on the findings by saying, “The key message is that people think broadband is at a tipping point. It is being compared by consumers to gas and electricity - things which they think we all ought to have access to, almost as a right”.

She further went on to say that the high speed internet has already been very essential for many, and everyone will become dependent on it over the coming years.

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Our Comments

The survey shows without a doubt the importance of broadband access in the UK. While universal broadband coverage is in the plans of the current government, as far as we can see, it is likely to be the strict minimum. The survey also comes weeks after O2 published a report saying that families are more likely to cut down on food bills and school uniforms than on broadband.

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