Microsoft Wants To Rename Netbook As Low Cost Small Notebooks

Microsoft has announced its plans to "redefine" the netbook category by renaming it to a more generic and bland name, LCSN PCs or Low Cost Small Notebook.

Intel might just have settled a dispute with Psion over the term Netbook but Microsoft says that the format needs to be changes because nebooks already have more feature capabilities than just browsing the web - which is what netbooks were supposed to do first.

Accordind to Digitimes, this might be because Microsoft wants to differentiate mini-notebooks (the LCSNs) which are pint-sized traditional laptops from netbooks as it will allow it to flog more expensive Windows 7 licenses.

The announcement, made by Steven Guggenheimer, general manager of Application Platform & Development Marketing Division, Microsoft at Computex, comes a few days the software giant decided to lift a restriction that prevented users from running more than three concurrrent applications on a PC using Windows 7 Starter Edition at any time.

It has also decided that Windows 7 SE will be on sale worldwide rather than limited to a number of territories.

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Our Comments

Microsoft has specifiedt that Windows 7 Starter Edition should only be installed on Notebooks with no more than 10-inch screen, 1GB RAM, a 250GB hard disk drive and a 2GHz processor - which is fine by me. Anyway, at least 2 of those parts, the memory and the hard disk drive can be upgraded if needed.

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