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Sony Set To Release Wii-Like Motion Sensing Magic Wand

In a bid to take on Nintendo's Wii gaming console, Sony has taken the wraps off from a new motion sensing technology for its PlayStation 3, better known as PS3 console.

The announcement of a new motion sensing feature for Sony PS3 at the E3 conference came just a day after Microsoft unveiled its Project Natal motion sensing peripheral for its Xbox 360.

The new motion controller is a wireless wand that incorporates a glowing sphere at its top and uses PS3's Eye Toy camera to figure out the position and motion of the controller. The technology is said to be released in spring 2010.

In addition to this, the controller wand also sports buttons that can function as a trigger, so as to turn the controller into a virtual weapon, along with some high-end internal motion sensors, which enable the controller to track movements within accuracy up to 7mm.

Sony Computer Entertainment America head Jack Tretton touted the motion-control gaming as a phenomenon over a past couple of years, and said in a statement, “This technology will continue to grow in many ways. We’re trying to create an experience which is much closer to real life than anything you’ve ever seen”.

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Our Comments

After Microsoft's Natal project and Sony's PSP Go! announcement yesterday, the new Magic Wand seems to be a bit of a let down but it is a welcomed addition to the range of peripheral offered by the Playstation 3 gaming console. Sony has yet to specify the price of the item but it is likely to be high given the fact that you also need the PS3 Eye Toy Camera.

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