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Details About HTC Hero, Memphis And Lancaster Emerge Online

HTC is set to release another Android-based smartphone called the HTC Hero in London on the 24th of June and could become the third phone build around Google's mobile platform on the market.

According to Digitimes, the HTC Hero will be available in two versions; one with a QWERTY keyboard - Memphis and another without - Lancaster. It is also understood that AT&T will get a 6-month exclusivity period for the HTC Lancaster in the US.

Like most recent HTC smartphones, the Hero will feature HTC's own proprietary 3D user interface, the TouchFLO. Google has already said that it expects up to around 20 Android handsets to be released by the end of the year - that's just under 7 months from now.

There are already 10 handset manufacturers which have enrolled in the Open Handset Alliance with Acer being the latest. But only a few of them have said that they will be releasing Android devices fairly soon.

HTC is already building up the momentum after it issued invitations to a mysterious HTC press event to be hold - yes on the 24th of June - coupled with a few leaked videos.

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HTC is also set to reveal a new UI called Rosie on the 24th of June. Interestingly, by that time, the Pre and the new iPhone plus the new N97 will already be available. Good days indeed!

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