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First Nokia N97 Smartphone Reviews & Unboxing Appear

It has been hailed by some as an iPhone killer and as Nokia's flagship model, there's much hope that it will help the manufacturer reclaim some of its lost status as a trend setter.

Some UK websites have already managed to get their mitts on the official version of the mobile phone, not a pre-production sample.

Noknok (opens in new tab) likes the keyboard and says "The QWERTY keyboard is a great size and allows you to write longer emails and full length word documents with ease. The Nokia N97 is Nokia’s latest flagship device and embodies everything that phrase should mean; fantastic style, great build quality and enough features to over shadow the rest of the smartphone market."

N97Geeks (opens in new tab) criticised Nokia's decision to have a resistive touchscreen when the competition is moving to capacitive technology. Although they had a pre-production version, they found out that "Touch screen technology chosen: some may think that resistive technology is less efficient than the capacitive." Furthermore, it seems that the single/double click paradigm is a bit difficult to understand at the beginning.

Allaboutsymbian (opens in new tab) has an extremely well written write-up on the Nokia N97 including some extremely detailed photos of the device. The author exclaimed "Am I excited by the Nokia N97? Yes, it offers a huge step up from my current 5800 XpressMusic, with comparatively few disadvantages. Do I want one? Yes, definitely. Is it the perfect smartphone, one that will please everybody? The usual answer: No. Camera fiends will be looking for 8 megapixels and above, with Xenon flash. Email and office fanatics will be looking for a much better (and more standard) qwerty keyboard."

David Meyer (opens in new tab) from Zdnet toyed with the N97 for not too long did not feel the same passion for the smartphone. He said, "I wanted to love the N97 – I really did. And it's not a bad phone at all. It's just that, for a £500 handset that's going up against what will probably be a worthy revision of the iPhone (and perhaps a very good Pre – need to check that out) I just feel a bit disappointed. "

Techradar, which seems to have had the N97 before everybody else, said that the CPU is not up to the scratch - it is an ARM11 running at 430Mhz, less than half that found on the TG01 - a Qualcomm CPU running at 1Ghz. The author said that "it seemed that certain elements of the phone struggled with such an underpowered effort. For instance, when using Maps (which had a lovely spinning globe, as it seems every touch screen demonstration in the world has to use) the spinning action took a while to register, and was jerky when doing so."

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