Nokia N97 To Launch On 3 Network For Only £35 Per Month

Vodafone won't be the only one to sell Nokia's flagship smartphone, N97, as mobile phone operator 3 is set to join with a £35 monthly contract and a shorter 18 month tie-in, complemented by an attractive pay as you go offer.

This is the same price that punters fork out for other mobile phones like the Nokia N96 or the Samsung i8510. Three is also likely to bundle 200 video calling minutes as well as 300 3-to-3 minutes.

The N97 will be free on the popular Mix and Match which offers you a total of 300 texts or minutes per month, bringing the total amount paid over the lifetime of the contract to a mere £630, that's only £130 more than the £500 asking price for a SIM-free Nokia N97.

Other tariffs include a £35 a month contract with the phone costing £100 and gives you 750 minutes or £25 per month for 500 minutes and a £150 fee for the phone. Both would be available with unlimited texts and an 18 months contract.

Obviously the N97 will be shipping with Skype, something that other networks have been very reluctant to allow. Three is also set to offer the N97 on PAYG for only £370 which, is very cheap given the fact that Nokia charges nearly £130 for a SIM free version and three sells the N96 for a whopping £490.

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O2, T-Mobile and Orange are also set to debut the Nokia N97 by the end of the month and it is very likely that all the mobile phone providers will be selling the N97 for £40 with internet access (the £35 3 charges does not include internet access which is available for an additional £5).

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