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Phorm Launches Webwise Discover Recommendation Engine

The controversial behavioural ad-serving company Phorm has come up with a new “recommendation engine” to assist web searchers easily find related content within various websites.

The new web search service, tagged as “Webwise Discover”, is a part of the company’s contentious Webwise Technology, which presents targeted adverts to users on the basis of their online behaviour.

The move is expected to help the company in encouraging ISP subscribers to go for its monitored browsing for targeted advertising. With a tagline “don't search, just browse”, the new search engine from Phorm vows to help web users find any content without pooling much of their time and efforts in it.

The service will be offered free to customers who opt in for Phorm’s targeted advertising service. As of now, the service is being trialled in South Korea, and the company announced that it is planning to conduct a trial with BT soon, with an aim to rolling it out in the UK by the end of this year.

Touting its new search technology, chief exec of Phorm Kent Ertugrul said in a statement, “Search is a very powerful tool, but people don’t always know what they are looking for. This system understands what you like, without searching. It happens automatically”.

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Our Comments

Wolf in a sheep's skin, that's what comes to mind when reading the press release sent by Phorm. Ironically, the controversial company launched yet another "engine" services after Microsoft's Decision Engine. ISPs and companies will be wary about the negative PR and backlash that can be generated should they try to partner with Phorm.

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