Sony Ericsson Launches Two Eco-friendly Mobiles

Sony Ericsson's karma is improving gradually as it introduces two new environmentally friendly mobile phones, under the Greenheart badge, which not only saves the environment but reduces associated running costs.

The C901 Greenheart is a mid-range mobile phone with a 5-megapixel camera, geo-targeting, quad-band GSM connectivity, no paper manual and a screen that consumes less power than other mobile phones.

It will also ship with an eco-friendly headset - the MH300 - which is entirely made up of recycled plastics. The other mobile phone, Naite, has a 2-megapixel camera and looks like the Sony Ericsson C510.

It can read microSD cards but no M2 models and although it doesn't have the same credential as the C901 Greenheart, which is made of up to 50 percent recycled plastic, it does have a low-power charger which consumes up to 7 times less power than the industry average.

Sony Ericsson's launch comes after it decided to use the universal micro adaptor - which may cut the number of phone adaptors by a billion - and canning its rather unpopular Memory Stick Micro. It will use microSD cards instead.

The prices of both phones - which are candybar models - have yet to be disclosed and both should be available within the next few months. Sony is also set to roll out eco-friendly features from the Greenheart family to the rest of its portfolio.

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Sony Ericsson has pledged to reduce its total emissions of CO2 gases by 20 percent over the next 6 years and reduce the full lifecycle CO2 emissions by 15 percent for all its products over the same period. Motorola also launched an eco-friendly mobile phone earlier this year. The Renew W233 is made out of recycled plastic bottles and was supposed to be the first of many.

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