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Sony Surpasses Microsoft, Nintendo In Teen Brand Popularity Survey

Beating rivals Apple and Nintendo, Sony has emerged as the world’s top most consumer electronics brand, a recent survey of teens revealed.

The Global Habbo Youth Survey Brand Update 2009, surveyed as many as 112,000 teens, aged between 11 and 19, from across the globe, and revealed that Sony’s PSP brand was the brand of choice for gaming for most of the teens.

In the consumer tech category, Apple secured the second spot followed by Nintendo; however, Apple snared the top position among the UK teens, but here too, Sony managed to smash the rival Nintendo by bagging the second place.

In gaming consoles segment, Sony again notched the top position, followed by Nintendo and Microsoft; however, the situation was a bit different in the UK, where Nintendo Wii significantly scored over other brands.

Among websites, MySpace and YouTube snared the number one and two spots respectively, with Facebook getting the third spot. Furthermore, in mobile phone category, Nokia is still the leader with around 21 percent of the respondents voted for the brand, down from 29 percent last year, followed by Sony Ericsson.

Commenting upon the findings, country manager for Habbo UK Oisin Lunny said, “It would seem teen brand loyalty is directly linked to desirability of the product. Technological innovation is attractive to teens, but it is equally important for brands to excite young people by engaging with them in ways that are relevant”

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Our Comments

Being more popular doesn't necessarily translate into more revenues as Sony will attest. The problem is that while teenagers are often trend setters, they rarely have the means to purchase what they desire and have often to settle for what they can afford. Furthermore, teenagers are notorious for switching their allegiance easily, which is why brands like Youtube or Nintendo have been doing so well.

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