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Google Prepares Chrome For Mac OS X and Linux With Dev Builds

Early preview releases of Google's Open source browser, Chrome, have been issued for the Linux and Mac OS X platform and, although incomplete, show the incredible potential of the application for other platforms.

The post by Mike Smith and Karen Grunberg, Product Managers for Google Chrome actually urged developers not to download the code unless, they say, you take pleasure in "incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software".

What are accurately coined "early developer channel versions of Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux" turn out to be lures to tinker the curiosity of these developers actually and arouse their interest.

The builds are actually very incomplete; forget about viewing Youtube videos, change your privacy settings, setting your default search provider and, ahem, even print (ed: you can always do screen captures).

Some users have been able to use it on Gentoo 64bit and on Ubuntu and while most of the Javascript experiments on Chrome's public appear to work fine, the latest Alpha do not allow setting proxy settings.

Chrome has been available to Windows-based users for the past 9 months but daily builds of personal package archives for Ubuntu Chromium have been available for some time now to download.

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Our Comments

Google did not say when it will be releasing the beta versions of Mac OS X or Linux Chrome. Now that's not really an issue for the audience which have turned to Chrome in droves. The Dev builds are two steps from being released into the mainstream market and one can bet that this will happen by the end of the year. Now that developers have something to chew on, expect more contributors to flock to the project.

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