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T-Mobile Comes On Top Of Broadband Survey

T-Mobile has once again emerged as the topmost broadband service provider in the UK, outperforming its rivals in terms of faster broadband speeds and enhanced upload speeds.

The mobile broadband service provider scored over other mobile operators in UK in an independent survey carried out by analyst firm P3 Solutions, which gauged the quality and standard of broadband services for the first quarter of this year.

This is the third time in a row when T-Mobile has been named as the UK's best mobile broadband service provider, and it captured the top spot in internet browsing speeds as well as reliability of its email services.

Among all the broadband service providers under the lens, T-Mobile was found to have web browsing speed around 44 percent faster than its closest competitor.

Emin Gurdenli, T-Mobile UK' chief technology officer, said in a statement, “The fact that we have come out top for three quarters in a row shows this approach is yielding real benefits to customers in terms of improved network performance and reliability.”

Incidentally, T-Mobile was also rated highly in a survey conducted by YouGov, in which the broadband supplier ranked topmost in six consumer satisfaction measures.

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Our Comments

The survey was commissioned by T-Mobile itself apparently which is not bad in itself as long as it was done independently. T-Mobile shares its infrastructure with 3 Network which means that in theory, both mobile phone providers will have provided the same level of service. But clearly, there is something that separates T-Mobile from the competition as P3's results showed.

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