LG To Launch GD910 Wristphone Across Europe In July

LG's exquisite GD910 watchphone is likely to be available exclusively through mobile network operator Orange and Carphone Warehouse.

But LG has called the UK July release of the GD910 premature and website Techradar said that the issue stemmed from the wrongly translated from a statement issued by the Korean manufacturer. The phone will eventually be released worldwide, including Asia and Latin America.

Originally announced back in February 2009, the wristset is said to be sold for a whopping £1000 (or 1000 Euros in mainland Europe), which could translate into into a monthly contract price of £75 per month or more.

The GD910 has a 1.43inch capacitive touchscreen capable of displaying 176x220 pixels, with a 7.2mbps 3G connection and Bluetooth. You will need an additional handset and there's a speaker phone.

The wristphone also comes with video calling, voice recognition and an integrated music player. On top of that, the phone will be water proof.

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Our Comments

We wouldn't want to use one of those to make a call, simply because it would be impractical to wear a Bluetooth handset all the time. Furthermore, having a £1000 gem hanging on your left wrist is a risky venture in certain parts of London where you can get mugged for much less.

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