Apple Officially Debuts the iPhone 3G S Smartphone

So here is the new iPhone and it is called the 3G S (Screaming or Speed) and comes not only with a slew of major hardware and software updates but also a more affordable price.

The new 3G S comes with a 600MHz ARM CPU, that's 50 percent faster than the previous generation, 256MB RAM - twice what the first generation iPhone 3G, a 3-megapixel camera with autofocus (finally) but still no flash. The iPhone 3G S puts more emphasis on shooting video with audio and proper 30 FPS with auto/low lighting, macro and auto exposure.

Apple says that the new GS will come with the same chassis but only greener. It will be made with arsenic-free glass, PVC-free accessories, Bromine-free printed circuit boards, and a mercury-free LCD while the majority of packaging made from recycled fiberboard and biobased materials.

The 3G S will have an increased battery life and boosts download speeds of up to 2.1 times compared to the previous generation iPhone, depending of course on the network. Best thing of all, the new iPhone will cost only $299 for the 32GB vesion and $199 for the 16GB version. The existing 8GB iPhone 3G will see its price slashed to $99 only.