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Incisive Media To Close Personal Computer World After 31 Years

Technology Publishers Incisive Media have announced that they will be closing Personal Computer World, UK's longest running computer magazine, which was launched back in 1978 with the last issue going on sale next week.

12 jobs primarily in editorial will be affected according to Press Gazette and Incisive media has already said that it will try to redeploy some of the staff elsewhere within the company. The publisher blamed the current economic downturn for the closure of one of the most iconic tech magazines in the UK market.

The final issue of Personal Computer World will go on sale on the 18th of June (ed: I will try to get a copy of it). Incisive Media got hold of Personal Computer World and a host of other popular technology websites when it purchased Vnu Business Publications from private equity firm 3i.

Incisive Media - which employs more than 2000 people - also publishes popular websites like Vnunet, Theinquirer, Gizmodo as well as well known publications like Computing, Computeractive and Accountancy Age. Computeractive still remains UK's best selling computer magazine.

Last October, the company announced that it was going to axe 50 staff and in March, it announced that all employees would have to deck one week salary as a "cost saving measure".

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Byte, PC Direct, PC World, Computer Shopper (US), PC Magazine, What PC, Computer Buyer. They are all gone now, but they will be fondly remembered. I was only 13 when I purchased my first Personal Computer World magazine in Mauritius and it came with a CDRom at that time. Although I failed as a computer boffin, PCW, as well as so many others made me the person I have today. Thanks for that PCW (and Byte and PC Mag).

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