Microsoft Bing US Market Share Already Waning?

Data released by research company Statcounter showed that Microsoft's search engine challenger to Google, Bing, had manage to beat second place Yahoo for a couple of days before dropping down to number 3.

The search engine, which was launched at the beginning of June, reached up to 15.64 percent of the US search market on the 4th of June 2009 before falling down four days later to 4.94 percent, well below Yahoo's 10.68 percent.

It is interesting to note that Google users were the ones to switch from their preferred search engines to the new kid on the block, certainly to try out how it all panned out. It is therefore not surprising that Google's lowest ebb on the 4th of June at 71.99 percent coincided with Bing's peak performance.

Worryingly for Microsoft, Google's market share rose significantly reaching its highest ever at 82.06 percent today, 16 times more than Bing and is likely to grow at Microsoft's expense. Granted that Statcounter is not necessarily representative of what's really happening but it gives an indication of how things may pan out.

In related news, Microsoft has been warned by Investment bank Credit Suisse that it has hemorrhaged almost £750 million ($1.2bn) a year since falling to bag a partnership with second-placed Yahoo.

Microsoft has launched a massive £61 million advertising campaign for Bing but chances that it will be able to survive alone are slim says Credit Suisse.

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Statcounter is not the only one it seems to question Bing's success (or the lack of it). Alexa places Bing at the 12th place worldwide which is less than both Wikipedia and Facebook which proves that Microsoft has some mountain to climb before actually managing to get things in order.

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