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WWDC Rumour : Apple iPhone GS To Come In 5 Flavours

As Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference looms, more evidence has emerged that points to not one but several new iPhone models set to be released across the world.

Dutch site have a screen capture of T-Mobile's Activation System that shows five different models available in black or white with either 16GB or 32BB memory.

Elsewhere, John Gruber of Daring, one whose Apple iPhone predictions have consistently came true in the past, says that the new iPhone will be called the 3GS (3G speed) and will come with several new hardware improvements.

A 16/32GB iPhone lineup seems to be generally accepted as is a faster processor, more RAM and storage, a much improved battery life as much as a proper video camera.

Speaking of videos, Spanish website Spazio Cellulare puts the number of iPhone variations to a staggering 12 with 32GB and 64GB versions available, some of them with video iChat.

However, some, like Rob Enderle, president of the Enderle Analyst Group or Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, argue that WWDC is not about hardware and that Apple doesn't necessarily need to launch new phones right now.

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Our Comments

All the wait will be over by this evening. Many of the rumours will be dispelled probably but it might be that we don't see any new iPhones as well. This is a distinct possibility that many have been eluding. One company which will suffer from Apple's extravaganza today will be Palm whose shares were down by 4.69 percent despite last week's Palm Pre launch.

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