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Apple Debuts Safari 4 Browser With Promises Of Speed And Innovation

Apple has unleashed the finalised version of its signature web browser, tagged as “Safari 4”, which the company is touting as the “world's fastest and most innovative web browser”.

The iteration 4.0 of Safari web browser, which was introduced in beta back in February, includes the Nitro JavaScript engine which makes the new version run as much as 4.5 times faster than the erstwhile Safari 3 browser, and is said to host various new features to make the web browsing experience even better.

Discussing the features of its new web browser, Apple claimed that it loads HTML pages three times faster than IE 8 and three times faster than that of Mozilla's Firefox 3.

Boasting its Nitro JavaScript engine further, the company claimed that the engine executes JavaScript nearly eight times faster IE 8 and around four times faster than Firefox 3.

Available for Windows and Mac operating systems, Safari 4 also boasts of HTML 5 support for offline technologies, support for enhanced CSS effects, as well as claimed to be the first browser to clear the Acid3 test from the Web Standards.

Project Philip Schiller, senior VP for Worldwide Product Marketing for Apple, said in a statement, “Safari is enjoyed by 70 million users worldwide and with its blazing fast speed, innovative features and support for modern web standards, it's the best browser on any platform”.

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Our Comments

Safari 4.0 is set to be Apple's most impressive browser release for now with a 450 percent speed increase compared to the previous generation. Safari on Mac could well be the third biggest browser/OS platform on the market behind Firefox/Windows and Internet Explorer Windows. And according to our own figures, Safari on iPod and iPhone could well overtake Firefox on Linux fairly soon.

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