Apple Unveils Snow Leopard At WWDC

At the Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) 2009, Apple announced that it will take its signature operating system Mac OS X to next level by launching its new version, dubbed as Snow Leopard.

Apple claimed to be faster than its erstwhile operating systems; aimed at business users, the new version of the operating system will be priced at $29, and is claimed to offer enhanced features than the prior versions of Mac OS X.

Touting Snow Leopard in his keynote speech, Apple's senior VP of software engineering Bertrand Serlet told developers that the new operating system would be “faster, more responsive, and even more reliable than before”.

In addition, Serlet explicitly attacked on Microsoft by saying, “Microsoft dug quite a big hole for themselves with Vista”, and asserted that the software giant's upcoming Windows 7 operating system, which is scheduled to be launched this October, employs the “same old technology as Vista”.

Among the features, the operating system will include a better Expose tool, which enables users to explore documents and files without opening the associated program first, along with QuickTime to allow users to share and edit videos from within QuickTime application directly.

For business users, the software will also support to Microsoft Exchange, and demonstrated seamless support for various programs, including Address Book, Mail, and iCal.

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Our Comments

Show leopard will be priced at a low $29 and will put pressure on Microsoftr to drop the price of its next operating system. Apple is definitely targetting businesses - which is where the serious money is to be made - and Steve Jobs knows that it needs to crack that tough nut and give Microsoft a run for its money, which is why cutting the price of Snow Leopard by half and adding Microsoft Exchange will help.

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