Carphone Warehouse Boss Says Pirates Will Always Win

Dismissing the calls from UK copyright groups about restricting the internet users caught downloading copyrighted material illegally, Carphone Warehouse's chief exec Charles Dunstone asserted that the move would do no good except for inflicting more damages down the line.

Introducing speed-humps, disconnections, or other such traffic measures, aren't good enough to prevent illegal file sharing at all; instead, these measures will presumably push computer users to come up with more advanced ways to carry out illegitimate file-sharing.

Along the same line, Dunstone quoted, “If you try speed humps or disconnections for peer-to-peer, people will simply disguise their traffic or share the content another way.”

Besides, Dunstone insisted that that solution to the problem lies in educating users about the advantages of copyrighted material, as well as making content that a majority of web users can afford and which they can download in a manner they want to.

Comparing the battle between illegal file-sharers and government with the game of Tom and Jerry, in which the “mouse always wins”, Dunstone asserted that that we must be careful that the politicians wouldn't put any such legislation in place that “ends up looking stupid”.

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Our Comments

Although some may say that Dunstone is biased because of its role as the boss of Talktalk, the country's leading residential broadband provider. Dunstone approach is not revolutionary nor revulsing. It is actually a very down to earth, pragmatic take on a very complex problem.

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