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Fasthosts Loses Customers' emails In Technical Glitch

Dozens of Fasthosts' customers have been reeling through what could be referred to as 'email blackout', as the ISP's email accounts went down over the last weekend, leaving users unable to access their mails.

In addition to this, The Register further reported that the customer support for Fasthosts is not available, with query mails sent using other email accounts going unanswered, and the company's website is showing lack of information.

It was further reported that the ISP has already shifted its customer service and support section to the Philippines and Romania, from Gloucester, as a part of its cost cutting drive.

However, Fasthosts has ascertained that the glitch has already been addressed and its customers will receive their emails soon.

In its response to the email outage, a spokesman for Fasthosts told The Register: “On Friday we experienced a technical issue with one of our Email Filers which caused a number of customer email accounts to be taken off-line for around 45 minutes. Upon reactivating the affected accounts, whilst the vast majority were brought online normally, a small number (less than 100 customers) remained off-line due to a corrupt system file upon each”.

Furthermore, the spokesman notified that the affected users have been assisted by the company's support staff on an individual basis and no email has been missed because of the outage.

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Our Comments

This glitch shows the limitations of online email services like Fasthosts. Customers should, as far as possible, store their emails at more than one location. This prevents worst case scenarios from happening and need not cost the world. For example, one could use Gmail as a back up email storage or any other free email service.

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