iPhone 3GS : Don’t Bother, Just Pick Up The Original On The Cheap

On purely a spec comparison the recently launched Samsung HD surpasses Apple’s 3GS on all counts. From screen, camera, data speeds, versatility (microSD), video recording etc. The list is seemingly endless.

Orange’s lacklustre push of Samsung’s handset is perverse. On the other hand why did Samsung launch with the bland Orange network? The good part of the 3GS is to show what an achievement the original 3G was, especially with the OS 3 update.

The 3G is now being sold as the poor person’s iPhone is giving users 95% of the functionality at 60% of the cost (ed : even less than that).

The 3GS will be the seen as overpriced and under specified for the money, the 3G however will continue to win favour with the masses so by a fluke of chance Apple will keep in with the market.

But this abysmal update will have to be swept away soon or otherwise the competitors will start sweeping away Apple.

Handset Premier League

Apple (3GS) 1, Samsung (HD) 3.

Nokia (N97) 2, Apple (3G) 2

OS League

Symbian 1, Apple 2

Windows Mobile 0, Android 2