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Microsoft Bing Perfomance Improving According To Comscore Data

Comscore is the third internet analyst firm after Statscounter and Hitwise to credit Bing, Microsoft's successor to Live Search engine, with a revival at least in the US as it released a preliminary study.

During the first week of its public launch in the US, the searcher penetration, which shows the average daily percentage of US searchers using the search engine, crept up from 13.8 percent to 15.5 percent, a rise of 1.7 percent.

Bing's share of search results grew from 9.1 percent to 11.1 percent, a 2 percent point change. The data was collated from home, work and university locations.

Mike Hurt, Senior vice president at comScore, said in a statement that “These initial data suggest that Microsoft Bing has generated early interest, resulting in a spike in search engagement and an immediate term improvement to Microsoft’s position in the search market”.

Unlike the Statscounter or Hitwise, Comscore did not compare Bing's figures with other competitors like Ask or Yahoo although Comscore told the Wall Street Journal that it was at the expense of Google and Yahoo. Microsoft has backed Bing's launch with a $100 million advertising budget.

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Our Comments

Microsoft is in it for the long run; this is a five year marathon rather than a few months' sprint. The rise, although welcomed, is almost insignificant. Microsoft will need to ramp up its marketing campaign and look for more "creative" ways to wow Google users.

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