Microsoft Bing Is Working In The UK Says Hitwise

Search Engine Bing might not be a straightaway success in the US according to Statscounter but the picture is altogether more positive in the UK says research firm Hitwise.

Although one has to be cautious about using one set of data to read a pattern, Hitwise has drawn up a rather compelling picture of the state of Bing in the UK. And the picture looks rather pretty.

The launch of Bing did not appear to have an adverse effect either on Yahoo or Ask. Both stayed almost stable at around 2.32 and 1.69 percent respectively of UK internet visits.

In fact, from the figures provided by Hitwise, one can see that the amount of internet visits up to 73 hours after launched climbed to around 11 percent, more than 3 times the combined market share of Ask and Yahoo.

But it fell down significantly to 3.15 percent. Google is still the biggest player out there by far. Apart from becoming temporarily the eighth most visited website in the UK, Bing users actually spent a significant amount of time on the website per visit at eight and a half minutes.

Hitwise notes that it is still half of Google UK's number but only a tad below what Yahoo achieves. So people are coming to use the website rather than just browsing around.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has already hinted that this would be a long lasting battle and said that it is naive to expect Bing to better its rivals quickly, adding "It's going to take us a while, it’s a five-year task".

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Alexa also witnessed a surged in the ranking of Bing which currently stands just outside the Top 10 websites worldwide. One thing that might be of a bother for Bing's boss is the fact that many people tried Bing and returned to their usual choice, which is most likely to be Google.

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