Registrar Issues Warning Over Fundamental Domain Name Changes

A recent survey has revealed that as many as two-thirds of businesses are simply not aware of the fact that they will be able to employ their own names rather than use standard domain name extensions, including .net, .com, .org, etc, after the internet domains get liberalised sometime around next year.

The survey of over 1000 UK-based respondents, conducted by Gandi, a leading domain registrar, revealed that a huge chunk of business managers find the existing domain naming system as highly frustrating, restricting users to buying domain names from limited choices.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has already announced to open up domain names from next year, which implies that the companies could use specific domains, such as .apple or .microsoft, instead of currently prevailing .com or .org.

In addition to this, the proposed move would help corporations to have a better control over their own domains and exploit their brands in an enhanced manner.

However, a majority of the respondents also claimed that such domain changes could also help cybercriminals to launch hacking and spamming attacks; while 65 percent of the respondents asserted that the move would allow domain squatters to cause troubles, 82 percent said that the domains could be used to launch website attacks and generating spam.

Commenting upon such liberalisation of the web, Wendy White, from Gandi, quoted: “This is an exciting change, but if liberalisation is to bring the benefits it promises, it needs to be handled carefully”.

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Our Comments

Domain names are still handled by the tech department of many companies as it form parts of the web hosting section. However, as Richard Sexton wrote, "Any time somebody says the introduction of new top level domains, and this has been going on for a decade, is going to cause problems".

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