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Tomtom To Release Turn-by-turn SatNav Application For iPhone 3G

Navigation devices maker TomTom has confirmed that it will release its GPS application for the iPhone, providing turn-by-turn navigation details to the iPhone users, the company announced at a keynote speech at WWDC 2009.

Sharing stage with Apple at the conference, TomTom announced that its GPS software for iPhone would offer maps along with voice-guided directions to the handset users.

The new application comes in the guise of a windscreen docking station, tagged as “TomTom Car Kit”, which has an in-built loudspeaker attached to it that enables motorists to hear the directions, instead of accessing text-based info from the handset.

The new system scores impressively on user-friendliness parameter, as it offers the feature to place the handset on the windscreen as well as a charging option, so that drivers don't run out of battery at the end of journey.

Promising to enhance GPS signals, the new software and car kit will include international maps option, and is said to be available in the summer.

Discussing the roadmap for launching the application, TomTom said, “Initially, the TomTom app will become available in North America and Western Europe, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria”.

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Our Comments

Tomtom featured prominently in Apple's WWDC presentation yesterday. It shows that the iPhone is gradually moving away from its role as a phone only and is gradually becoming a full-fledged pocket computer. We suspect that Apple could well debut a wireless HDMI Base unit as we joked earlier this year as it plans domination of the lounge.

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