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Twitter Petition Over O2 iPhone Upgrade & Tethering Fees Gathers Nearly 3000 Names

A twitter petition created by iPhone owner Patrick Aloft and calling for O2 to offer existing iPhone customers a reasonable way to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS and to stop "ripping off" their customers for tethering has gathered nearly 3000 signatures.

The Twitter petition is growing at the rate of nearly 200 new signatures per hour and has been backed by some high profile technogeeks like Guardian's Jemima Kiss. More than one million iPhones have been sold as of the end of February.

The crux of the issue lies in the fact that O2 (and AT&T on the other side of the Atlantic) is essentially milking a captive audience (ed: cow?). O2's Twitter account grew by more than 2000 followers within 24 hours and the DNC team has been very busy trying to answer to existing iPhone users' queries over their bill and how O2 won't allow them to move to the 3Gs without paying a full fee.

The first iPhone, O2 said, was not subsidised while the 3G version is, which explains why users need to fork out extra money. Talking to Techradar, Steve Alder, General Manager of Devices for O2 UK, said that it simply wasn't viable to let O2's iPhone customers upgrade early.

In other words, Telefonica, the owner of O2, is in the business to make money and urges existing O2 iPhone customers to re-read their contracts and upgrade terms. The issue over price has been made more acute by the fact that many had expected that Apple dropping the price of the original 3G iPhone to $99 would have meant a cheaper iPhone, not a more expensive one.

In addition, many users are revolting after the O2 announced that tethering would cost up to £29.36 for 10GB per month. This essentially the price you would expect to pay for O2's mobile broadband tariff. Maybe O2 could have made the deal sweeter by giving O2 home broadband for free.

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Our Comments

As a commenter on Trusted reviews said, you don't have a "right" to buy an affordable iphone. It's not a basic human need - it's a luxury consumer good. What it also proves is how much Apple fans are "into it". The whole iPhone series reminds me of a chocolate addict not having his/her bar.

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