£659.90 Panasonic TXP50C10 50-inch Plasma TV w/ 5 Yr Warranty

The Panasonic TX-P50c10 is an economy version of their award-winning TX-P50x10 model. With a more basic casing and fewer sockets it makes for a stunning value 50" plasma TV.

Featuring a brand new, G12 plasma panel, the TX-P50C10 offers a stunning contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 - that's an impressive 33% improvement on the previous models. Improvements in panel performance have come about from improved production process incorporating the new Real Black Drive system (a pre-discharge system) and raising the base illumination. All signals also benefit from 100Hz technology. 100Hz technology gives a more stable picture with less flicker and reduced motion blur.

As ever, we'd always recommend a separate home cinema system for the best sound quality, although the built-in system offers enhancements over previous models. V-Audio Surround gives a spacious sound based on actual room measurement from the onboard digital signal processor. It gives a crisp, well-detailed sound quality.

The latest budget Panasonic plasma TV has 2 HDMI sockets - ideal for an HD TV receiver and Blu-ray player. In addition to this, twin SCART sockets, S-Video and component inputs are on hand for analogue sources.

A slightly more unusual fitment, but still welcome nonetheless is a SD card reader. This easily accessible slot is perfect for showing pictures taken on your digital camera. The HDMI VIERA link has been upgraded to allow the connection of Panasonic LUMIX digital cameras. Once connected you can use the TV's remote control to playback stored images on the camera.

Always a plasma favourite, the new Panasonic TX-P50c10 is now the best value ever.

You can buy this Panasonic TXP50C10 for £659.90. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.