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Google Challenges Exchange With Apps Sync Application

In its fresh attempt to lure enterprises to opt for its hosted applications, search behemoth Google has come up with yet another tool that apparently takes on the renowned Microsoft Exchange Server.

Google on Tuesday unveiled a new application, tagged as “Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook”, which is tailored to help people to use Microsoft’s renowned email, contacts, and calendar software MS Outlook, and subsequently storing the info in Google Apps cloud infrastructure.

The new service, which is claimed by the company to be far cheaper than dedicated Exchange Server software, will be available to ‘Premier and Education’ customers, and is said to offer a wide range of services including hosted email, calendar, online word processors and spreadsheets, and a lot more, for around $50 per user, per year.

The search engine giant touted its new application by saying, “Now businesses can run Microsoft Outlook on Google Apps instead of Microsoft Exchange, so they can achieve the cost savings, security and reliability of Google Apps while employees use the interface they prefer for email, contacts and calendar”.

Furthermore, the new tool also supports some of the advanced MS Outlook features, including global address lists as well as the feature of checking colleagues’ calendars automatically for free meeting slot.

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Our Comments

1.5 million firms are apparently using Google Apps as of today which is pretty impressive. But huge obstacles still remain that are currently preventing Google from conquering businesses as it did on the search front. Because so many of them are locked in Microsoft's own environment, Google need to have more tools that can allow users to seamlessly migrate from Microsoft to Google.

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