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£289.97 Elonex 37-inch LCD Monitor

The 37" Elonex HD Ready LCD TV is ideal size for any living room. With its stylish gloss front and superb picture quality this is the ideal TV.

Connect any Games console and wonder at the graphics shown on this stunning LCD TV.

With features like Powerful Scaling and Zooming Engine and the added benefit of De-Interlace Image Enhancement, this LCD by Elonex will give off outstanding picture quality but at a price that's affordable.

Ebuyer is selling a slightly antiquated but well priced Elonex 37-inch LCD Monitor for only £289.97. The device is the cheapest 37-inch TV/LCD on the market and can display 1366x768 pixels (that's 720p).

Although it only has an Analog tuner, it shouldn't be an issue since it has not one but two HDMI ports as well as a VGA port and Component HD port as well.

With a diagonal screen size of 94cm and a brightness of 500 cd/m2, this should serve you well. Add in a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and a response time of 8ms and you should be pretty happy.

It has two 10w speakers supporting Virtual Dolby Sound. At 30Kg, it is a bit heavy and will surely require two people to be manned.

The Elonex TV comes with a one year on site warranty and is a brand new stock. Buy it while stock lasts at Ebuyer for £289.97.

You can buy this Elonex 37-inch LCD (opens in new tab) for £289.97. You can also find similar deals from our online (opens in new tab) price comparator.

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