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5 Features Missing From The Apple iPhone 3G S

Almost everything has been said about the iPhone 3G S although no one has yet to receive a full working version and do a proper investigation of the iconic handset.

Apple judiciously chose to make the phone almost perfect leaving out some crucial features that can be added in next year's iPhone 4G.

Guest writer, Tim Belfall, wrote a list of 20 features that he thought Apple will should add to the iPhone 3G S. To Apple's credit, many of the missing features like a better camera, tethering, a video recorder and better battery life, have been introduced since then plus more features coming thanks to the new iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade.

But still there are five important features that Apple may yet choose to introduce next year.

(1) Flash

Where is the flash? Granted Apple has improved the low-light performance of the iPhone's onboard camera but it would still perform poorly compared to flash-enabled devices like the overwhelming number of competitors (bar Android smartphones on the market).

But then a flash is a power-hungry feature which might have reduced battery life considerably. Which would explain Apple's decision.

(2) Micro SD Card reader

We do understand that Apple is using storage capacity as a price differentiator. The three iPhone on sale will feature three different internal memory capacity.

But it would have been great if Apple had two microSD card slots which would posh total capacity available - in the future - to around 96GB. But that's very, very unlikely to happen.

(3) Removable Battery

Apple has yet to allow users to swap their iPhone battery when the latter reaches its end of life. Almost all other recent smartphones offer this capability. iPhone owners who want to change their phone's battery have to use third parties and possibly void their warranty in the process.

(4) Where's MicroUSB?

We noted a while back that Apple was the only major mobile phone manufacturer not to have enrolled on the universal charger programme unveiled in February by the GSMA.

The charger would have used a microUSB interface. Yet seemingly for financial reasons, Apple chose to stick to its proprietary interface.

(5) Wireless charging

If Palm has introduced wireless charging for its Pre smartphone and it is one of the rare occasions when Apple allowed such an innovation to slip through.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Apple could make our 2009 April fool article true. Anyone NOT wanting a Wireless HDMI base unit that can also charge your iPhone?

There are other issues that might hold off iPhone 3G S purchases like the fact that AT&T won't introduce tethering or MMS until later this year.

Then there's the 3-megapixel camera that will have to compete with 12-megapixel models from Sony and Samsung by the end of the year.

Furthermore, Apple is still making MobileMe a paid for option which is compulsory if you want to use the remote wipe functionality for example.

Informationweek also reckons that Apple should have introduced a User Accessible File systm like all the other smartphones platforms. iPhone users are sill unable to access and move their files around freely.

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