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The founders of the renowned music recommendation site - Felix Miller, Richard Jones, and Martin Stiksel - have announced that they will be quitting the company later this year.

In a blog post the founders have notified that they were very proud of their achievement together, and finally “handing over the reins” to’s new parent company CBS, a US-based media giant which acquired in 2007 for $280 million.

Besides, chief exec for CBS Interactive Quincy Smith affirmed that the founder are leaving the company to pursue their own interests, but would continue to be with the company as consultants until September.

However, the trio didn’t mention any reason for handing over the control of the site into corporate hands, and when asked “what next”, they responded in a crisp manner by saying “a much needed holiday”.

Speaking about their move, the trio noted: “This is the latest stage in a long journey for us, which began in a living room in East London in 2002 and took us to the headquarters of one of the biggest media companies in the world”.

Expressing their gratitude to millions of users of, the founders further went on to say that there is still a lot to come to the website. Along the same they quoted’s recent addition to Microsoft Xbox 360 and release of a new visual radio as indications of bright future of the website.


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It is very, very likely that the departure of's founders has something to with the fact that CBS may have shared's user details with the RIAA without that sharing that decision with the trio. All 3 were handsomely rewarded by CBS and may start something else.

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