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Sky News HD To Launch Next Spring

BSkyB has announced that it will be debuting a HD version of Sky News in Spring 2010 after its global production, studio and news gathering facilities underwent some significant upgrade.

Sky News HD will be UK's first news channel to broadcast in high definition and will run in simulcast alongside the existing Sky News channel. Furthermore, Sky said in a press statement that the HD graphics will be abe to deliver a 3D look on air.

Sky's Chief executive added that "Sky News continues to break new ground in television news and it's only natural for it to become the first UK news channel to launch in HD. It's great news for our Sky+HD customers, giving them access to award-winning breaking news in HD for the very first time and further expanding the choice on offer."

The broadcaster has also been testing 3D television over the last 6 months. Back in December 2008, it demoed a 3D HD television broadcast although the transmission needed a pair of 3D polarising glasses. In April, they managed to get the first 3D UK TV programme with British Band Keane.

The number of Sky+HD subscribers has significantly increased to reach more than 1 million, which is more than double the amount over the first quarter of 2008.

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Our Comments

It is not by sheer luck that Sky wants to get HD News as quickly as possible. The Olympics will be the first grand event that will expose the real possibilities of HD and 3D. Sky is Britain's largest sports broadcaster and should it manage to get full HD and 3D in the lounges of its customers, it will have accomplished a real "coup de force".

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