£44.99 eBuyer Value 3.5" Version 3 Sat Nav

The NEW eBuyer Value Sat Nav V3 gives hassle free navigation straight out of the box.

It has simple promps, a vibrant colour screen which has now been improved and is also in 3D now for exact global positioning but there's more to this unit than meets the eye.

It also supports photo browsing, E-book reading and audio/video playing so you'll soon find it difficult to live without.

It boasts software improvements so now you get lane navigation making it virtually impossible for you to take the wrong turnings or miss your junctions. TurboDog6 has big improvements on the last software.

Product Features:

3.5" Colour Touchscreen

Long-life rechargeable battery built-in

User Friendly software and interface

Instant route calculation - make a wrong turning, instant route re-calculation

7 Digit Postcode Search

Automatic calculation on driving distance and time

Voice navigation and warning in an option of 10 Languages:which include English, French, Spanish, German & Italian

3D & 2D Mapping Options - and various route options

Clear spoken instructions, turn by turn.

Earphone port

Portable unit - works just as well in you hand as in your car

Ebook Reader

View Photo's and Video's

Also plays music - MP3/4

Advance Lane guidance

You can buy this Sat Nav for £44.99. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.