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Apple Mac Platform Hit By Two Pieces Of Malware

The rising popularity of the Apple Mac platform is encouraging more cyber criminals to writer viruses for the operating system; two more pieces of malware have been added to a growing list.

The first one is a new worm called OSX/Tored-Fam which has been found by Sophos Canada and contains a text file reading "RESPECT about what are you talking about me (cybercriminal..) Don't say what you ignore !!!!!!!!"

Ironically, Sophos was sent the file containing the code of the new Mac worm which means that the worm might have been laid undetected for a long time. And unlike others, Tored is primarily an email-aware worm which according to Sophos, "attempts to scoop up email addresses from your infected Mac computer and forward it to others".

The other nasty piece of code was discovered by ParetoLogic which was identified by Sophos as OSX/Jahlav-C. The malware hides itself in a hardcore pornographic website and attempts to con the user into downloading and installing a missing video ActiveX object.

Instead of the said piece of code, the user will be running a Perl script that uses HTPP to communicate with a remote rogue website which will download and install code supplied by the attacker.

Apple reckons that that there are more than 70 million Apple OS X installations worldwide which makes the Mac platform even more attractive for hackers and cyber criminals.

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Our Comments

Security researcher Graham Cluley wrote on Sophos's website that " the Mac malware threat is real and Hackers are deliberately planting malicious code on Web sites, and using social engineering tricks to fool you into installing it onto your computer." The issue though is how do you convince the Apple users that the threat level is as high, if not higher than on Windows.

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