Flickr Twitter Beta Test

Presenting possible competition to TwitPic, Flickr is the latest web company to jump on the ever-filling Twitter app bandwagon. The idea is that every time you upload a photograph to Flickr, a link to that photo will be automatically Tweeted to your Twitter profile.

The brand new project, named Flickr Twitter Beta only works via e-mail for now, but with most of our gadgets supporting e-mail these days, we don't really see a problem with that (although we expect to see iPhone apps and Adobe AIR clients in the future). The process is as simple as uploading your photo as an attachment and mailing it to your personal address with '2twitter' added before the @ sign.

For a glance of this feature in action, take a look at this Tweet, I posted just a moment ago. We see a short URL ( pointing to my photograph on Flickr. It seems the e-mail subject is also posted to Twitter, but not the body. Interesting technology, we're looking forward to seeing where Flickr goes with this.