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Google Rehauls iGoogle, Gmail For Android & iPhone Platforms

Gmail users on Android and iPhone smartphones will be able to use keyboard shortcuts and address auto completion, two sought after features which can improve consumers' overall experience significantly.

It is a shame though that Google has taken so long to roll out those functionalities that late. Auto completion suggests possible contacts as letters are being typed in the address bar and already existed on the desktop version since the first Gmail inceptions.

The new Iterative Web App will use "previously fetched matches in subsequent searches" which the application caches. Intomobile thinks that it could be due to a "brand new (re-coded) Javascript used for the function.

Similarly, keyboard shortcuts have been something that desktop Google users have been using for some time already and obviously because of the tiny working area on smartphones, mobile users are likely to get huge benefits from using shortcuts rather than endless scrolling.

The second improvement will only concern those smartphones with physical keyboards though like the T-Mobile G1.

Most of the new Android smartphones that are set to debut on the market will have onscreen keyboards rather than real ones although a significant number of Android-based smartbooks/netbooks - with keyboards - expected to come on the market.

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Google has also updated iGoogle for iPhone and Android, making ti faster and easier to use. It will support more gadgets now including those developed by third parties. Significantly, it seems that whatever modifications you do to your iGoogle on the move won't affect your iGoogle version on your desktop PC.

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