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HTC Prefers Windows Mobile To Android Platform?

The CEO of HTC France has dismissed the possibility that the smartphone company would prefer Google's Android platform over Microsoft's Windows Mobile.

Frédéric Tassy told online mobile website Mobinaute that despite having launched the first two Android mobile phones which have both been backed by significant marketing campaign (like the T-Mobile G1 Liverpool Street station ads), the HTC Touch HD remains the company's best selling smartphone in Europe.

Although it did not provide with exact figures, Mr Tassy said that the HTC Touch HD outsold Android phones by a wide margin, a surprising fact given that the HTC launched later than the Android G1 and costs more than the G1 for example.

With the company rumoured to be on the verge of releasing a third Android mobile phone, Tassy reaffirmed his company's commitment to Windows Mobile, saying that HTC will always have more flagship products on Windows Mobile (ed: he actually said "moreover, we will continue to have flagship products running Windows Mobile").

He also dismissed the threat posed by other handset manufacturers saying that he was "perplexed" by the fact that many have announced Android-based handsets but none have been able to launch any products yet.

HTC also said that it was not interested in netbooks, stating that the segment generates more "noise" than actual business (ed: selling netbooks might generate more revenues but not necessarily more profits).

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Our Comments

Things could change at HTC depending on the way the Android platform evolves. Windows Mobile 7 is still around a year away and there are many things that could happen until then. Apple has just released the 3G S and sales (and sales strategy) will prove whether Apple has been too greedy and not enough innovative.

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