Digital Britain Report Out On Tuesday As Lord Carter Ponders About His Future

In less than 72 hours now, Lord Carter will unveil in a seminal document what, according to him, could be Britain's future in global digital playing field where Information Technology has permeated every corner of our lives.

Ironically, the Communications Minister will leave the government within hours and may return back to working in the private sector. His departure has been confirmed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport already.

His document, the Digital Britain Britain Report, to be revealed on Tuesday the 16th, will be used by the government as a blueprint for future development of technology, the internet and broadcasting in the UK.

One of the most important proposals that the document is said to contain, according to the Telegraph, is to strip the BBC of its monopoly over the licence fee, the £142.50 annual virtual tax that all UK households that have one or more colour television sets have to pay.

It is likely that some of the revenue generated by the fee will be used to help beleaguered broadcaster ITV run its money-losing regional news service.

Another proposal by the report will be to have a minimum 2mbps broadband access for everyone in the UK by 2012 with the help of mobile phone networks.

Around one in every six households in the UK are not able to reach this speed although BT says that it can bring down that proportion to around 7 percent using existing solutions like moving to ADSL2+ or using the iPlate to boost broadband performance.

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The Independent is also reporting that many are fearing that Lord Carter impending nomination as the head of ITV could have negative impact on the competition and provide the broadcaster with an unfair advantage, given that it is very likely that ITV is one of the beneficiaries of proposals in the Digital Britain report.

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