Koogle Kosher Search Engine To Rival Google

Koogle, a search engine aimed exclusively at Orthodox Jews, has been launched today after having been officially been given a Kosher status.

The word Koogle is a portmanteau word made up of the Jewish noodle pudding known as “kugel" and Google, the search engine. It will be available in Hebrew and in English; it will provide links to news and shopping websites that will omit items that are not compatible with the very strict lifestyle of ultra-orthodox community.

Koogle will also dump out adult sites and 'religiously objectionable material' including 'immodest' photos of women like the ones allowed by Microsoft's Bing. You shouldn't be able to watch movies online (television are not allowed) which means that Youtube is a no-go.

Speaking to Reuters, the developer of the site, Yossi Altman said that the site is "a kosher alternative for ultra-Orthodox Jews so that they may surf the Internet". Interestinly, you won't be able to buy goods on the Jewish Sabbath, meaning that the site is essentially closed on a Friday.

Koogle could also be the first of a series of Kosher web-based services like Kwitter, the 100-percent pure version of Twitter, Kacebook, the Kosher alter ego of Facebook and Koutube, an empty Youtube online video clone for the ultra-orthodox community.

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Our Comments

A new strand of vertical search engine could spawn a new generation of Google wannabes dedicated to serving niche but lucrative markets. As a side note, Koogle is also the surname of the original CEO of Yahoo. Tim Koogle certainly proved instrumental to Google's success in the very early years.

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