Nokia Announces 5530 Xpressmusic, A Cheaper Version of The 5800

The success of the 5800 Xpressmusic has convinced Nokia to release a cheaper version, the 5530 Xpressmusic, which looks like a sexier version of the 5800 and available at a cheaper price.

The 5530 will have a smaller screen (2.9-inch vs 3.1-inch) and a smaller memory card (4GB vs 8GB) compared to its bigger brother; Gone is the 3G connectivity and GPS but apart from that, it is a Nokia 5800 in essence.

Running the S60 5th Edition on Symbian OS 9.4, the phone's screen is a touch model and displays 640x360 pixels. It comes with an accelerometer, WiFi/EDGE, a 3.5mm audio socket, a FM radio and a 3.2-megapixel camera complete with Flash.

The 5530 is significantly smaller than the 5800 due partly to the fact that the former ditched physical buttons. There's no TV out, no spare stylus or plectrum, no carrying case but the price is set to drop by 30 percent which means that it should be available for £170 or less SIM Free.

You can get the 5800 on a PAYG deal from as little as £200 while Virgin Mobile offers it for free on an 18-month contract with 250 minutes and unlimited text for only £18.

This means that the 5530 is likely to breach the £15 floor which will pit it squarely against the LG Cookie and other £15 per month models. The 5530 will be available in six different colour scheme.

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Nokia said in a statement that "This latest multimedia sensation puts masses of music power at your fingertips - and comes with a highly appealing, mass-market price-tag. This device is great for people who like to express themselves through their music, their style, and the friends they keep. It comes in a choice of five vivid color combinations, finished within a cool, stainless steel frame. The Nokia 5530 is powerful and fast too. You can stack it with up to 12,000 music tracks or tons of videos and photos. It also provides built-in Wireless LAN."

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