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Nokia Goes Back To Clamshell Model, Releases 3710 Fold

The third mobile phone Nokia launched today is the 3710 fold which allows the Finnish phone builder to cover as many segments as possible.

Clamshells are still popular, though not as popular as when the Motorola Razr was around. Still, the 3710 has all the hallmarks of a great mobile phone. It is relatively cheap with a price tag of around £120 SIM free, it is 3G capable and has a 3.2-megapixel camera with a flash.

it also comes with a second front facing camera, Symbian S40 with a new rehauled user interface, Bluetooth and A-GPS, which is really not bad when you look at the price tag. Nokia seems to have made some cuts by going for a smaller screen though but punters will be able to live with that.

The 2.2-inch screen can display up to 320x240 pixels, not too shabby. You will be able to add up to 8GB worth of memory through the onboard card reader. The phone is also compatible with the OVI services on offer by Nokia.

Markku Suomi, vice president of Nokia’s Connect devices arm, said in a statement that the "The Nokia 3710 fold packs in a renewed, but instantly familiar user interface that makes the appealing array of features enjoyable to use, offering great value for money”

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Our Comments

Shame that Nokia is still keeping a 2.5mm audio jack on this one. The 3710 is expected to hit the markets by the end of the year and should be a rather successful model given the price and the specs. The phone also has 70MB internal memory and will be available in a number of colours and eye catching patterns.

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