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Carphone Warehouse To Offer Rebates On iPhone 3G S Upgrades

Carphone Warehouse, the only high street retailer that will have the right to sell new iPhone 3G S legally, will allow punters to swap their old iPhone smartphones for the new one and pay the difference.

According to soon-to-be launched mobile website, the iPhone 2G will fetch around £100 while the 8GB iPhone 3G will bring in £170 while the 16GB will bring you another tenner.

For the iPhone 3G, prospective customers will have to pay off their O2 contracts. The new 16GB iPhone costs £184.98 while the 32GB model costs £274.23 on the lowest priced, 75min contract.

But it would probably be better for you to sell your old iPhone through Ebay or Computer Exchange. Even a scrappy, scratched old iPhone 8GB will get you £105. The unlocked model reaches £154 and owners of an unlocked version of the iPhone 3G 16GB will rake in a massive £291.

The new iPhone will be launched on Friday 19th. O2 is also introducing two year contracts which effectively bring down the price of the new models by allowing the network to spread the initial outlay over a longer period.

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Our Comments

Second hand iPhone 3G are expected to fall heavily in price over the next few months as current owners swap their existing handsets for the new ones. But then, there's the economy and the fact that the new iPhones are not as revolutionary as the iPhone 3G. Yes they do have some significant improvements but the general feedback we got in the office is that it won't be enough to sway users.

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