£14.94 Belkin F5D7130YY 802.11G 54G Wireless Access Point

This is a Belkin wireless access point designed to enhance or extend the range of your wireless network.

The package includes a Belkin F5D7130 Wireless Access Point, 802.11G 54G standard, up to 54Mbps transfer speed. It will enhance your exisiting wireless network, extend your wireless network or add wireless to your existing broadband router.

With range of up to 500m, WPA / WEP security, all manuals and software included. This is a new item. Box is European regionalised - box packaging, manual and software are all in English. Lifetime Belkin warranty and support

The 54g WAP connects to your network switch and lets you join your wireless-equipped PCs to your wired network.

It is based on breakthrough 54g technology that makes wireless file transfers and downloads faster than ever before. 54g technology provides you with networking speeds nearly five times faster than the current Wi-Fi (802.11b) standard.

When connected to a gateway, the WAP can increase your network's coverage area and allow you to take advantage of expanded wireless roaming capabilities. Once you've done the simple setup, you can share data and peripherals, as well as a single Internet account among all your computers.

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