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Apple Set To Release The iPhone 3.0 Software Update Within Hours

O2 UK has confirmed that the new iPhone OS 3.0 software will be available for download from this evening, offering over 100 new features to your existing iPhone including the long-awaited MMS capability.

Telefonica, O2's parent company, has sent an SMS to iPhone users in Spain to tell them that the new OS will be available from this evening. The 250MB download can only be installed through iTunes.

But this could even be changed as some users in Singapore have reported that Apple have changed the release date on its local website to the 18th of June as is the case for many other websites like New Zealand or Australia (ed: the Australian iPhone software update is looking quite weird at the time of writing)

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The new release will be available for iPhone users for free while iPod touch owners will have to fork out $9.95 for the upgrade. The new update will bring tethering, copy/paste, Bluetooth, MMS, the ability to buy/rent TV shows over the air as well as numerous other improvements.

Elsewhere, there are rumours tat the iPhone 3.0 could have been unlocked already by a crack team of underground developers who worked on the yellowsn0w crack. Ultrasn0w is likely to be circulated on the usual websites shortly after the iPhone OS 3.0 is released.

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Expect Apple servers to be slow during the weekend, which could well be happening to the Apple servers in Singapore. Pocketgamer is also reporting that O2 Ireland has updated their Twitter feed and confirmed that the update should be available from 6pm later during the evening. Good luck for those looking to download overnight.

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