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Spotify To Offer More Premium Services To Paid Users

Spotify is set to offer additional services to users who are currently on its premium subscription contract as others like Virgin Media are promising to offer a slew of extras for less.

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The company has already managed to attract more than one million subscribers in UK alone since it launched in February 2009, although the overwhelming proportion are currently on the free version.

The managing director of Spotify UK, Paul Brown, told new Media Age that the popular free streaming music service must deliver a compelling experience "beyond simply stripping out ads" if it wants to thrive in the competitive online music landscape.

These may include additional features like mobile and desktop-bound access, higher quality streams, bundled downloads, recommendations as well as ticketing and more social features.

Spotify's premium offer currently costs £9.99 per month which provides with a no-ad listening experience but is essentially the same as the ad-supported free version.

One of the main advantages of Spotify is that, compared to Virgin Media's free offering, it will be available across all fixed-line broadband providers and potentially beyond if it manages to strike more partnerships with mobile phone operators.

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Our Comments

As T3 puts it, the pieces of the jigsaw are coming together. Schemes like Comes with Music, Datz Music Lounge or Spotify are essentially "carrots" dangled in front of a generation of savvy internet users who have been accustomed to sharing files, music and video albeit illegally. Providing a cheap, easy to use and intuitive solution is a huge step towards solving the issue of piracy.

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